I love to create highly polished brands – full of life, color, and vibrant authenticity. Beyond the logo, custom graphical elements elevate your brand’s personality and add flexibility to your marketing efforts.

So, you know you need a logo – but how do you narrow down the infinite possibilities? How can you make sure your brand packs a punch? I love working with passionate people, hearing their vision and helping them bring it to life. Together, we can create something that truly represents you and resonates with your audience.

In addition to a logo, consider establishing an overall visual language with consistent graphical elements you can use everywhere! Reinforcing your brand across multiple platforms is the quickest way to create brand equity and get recognized no matter where you appear.

Illustration & Lettering

Custom artwork is my favorite tool for expanding a brand. It reinforces your visual voice, exudes personality, invites more interaction, and allows for more creative expression. Using a unique stylistic approach that’s tailored to your voice is a more effective communicator than stock images. This voice can be highly effective on social media, your website, print, and more. 

One of illustration’s greatest strengths is its ability to tell stories. With photography, you are limited to reality. With illustration, there are no limits, and you can create any scenario that tells your story or communicates your message. Here are just a few examples of how illustration can make a big impact!

Custom Portraits
Bring your team’s personality to your website, and recruit new talent

Custom Character Styles
Humanize your messaging and encourage diversity across social media, web, and print

Visual Metaphors & Storytelling
Use artwork to communicate complex concepts, prove your effectiveness, or sell your product

Merchandise Graphics
Boost your sales or fundraising with eye-catching graphics on apparel, posters, prints, and more

Cover & Article Illustration
Stand out from the stack with vibrant, impactful editorial illustration that can’t be ignored in print or web

Get Noticed on the Web
It can feel impossible to stand out in the modern digital landscape. Creative, custom artwork makes a big difference!


Now that you have your brand, it’s time for the best part: sharing it with the world! A great execution makes all the difference. If you already have an existing brand, I’m happy to help you apply it effectively to new materials.

Print is a great way to reinforce your brand and leave a lasting impression. Here are just a few examples of print products that can pack a punch.


Your brand needs a digital presence – but how do you stand out from the crowd? Memorable graphics and a powerful website are invaluable to your success online. I can help with any graphic design needs online.


If you are a nonprofit or activist working within these areas, please reach out. I would love to help boost your mission. The amount of work I can offer to you for free is based on my current availability. These are just a few areas of focus, but I’m happy to chat with any other nonprofit if you don’t fit into this list. Feel free to contact me and we’ll see how I can help.

Animal Welfare
Farm sanctuaries, humane societies, wildlife conservation, animal shelters, animal rights activists, etc.

Climate Change
Environmental activism, conservation & protection, promotion of climate literacy, sustainable energy, etc.

Human Services
Human rights activism (including LGBTQ+ and BIPOC advocacy), children’s services, crisis support, food drives, therapy services, etc.